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Stop Avoiding, Start Healing.

Upon recently reading Caroline Myss’s book, Anatomy Of The Spirit, I was once again reminded of our soul’s constant push to be healed. I personally have been battling with just wanting to be “cured” and not to heal. Cured would mean you get a quick fix, but the same

miserable feelings or physical symptoms can come creeping back. Healing, on the other hand means to permanently address and focus on those parts of our spirits (or bodies) that are damaged or broken. To heal, you have to take a long hard look at the ugly parts and be honest about wanting to fix them. When we avoid these parts that need change, the tension between where we are and where our spirit is calling us to be can become untenable. We can only avoid life’s tide for so long, then soon enough mental or physical dis”ease” will manifest.

Women’s relationship with food and their bodies is one way to help and heal those wounds that keeps us blocked from God’s light and healing. In my opinion, since we have to face food and our bodies more frequently than a toxic mother-in-law, it’s the cornerstone where much healing for your overall life can take place. Given the amount of time the average American woman thinks about their bodies and the food they put into their mouths, most of us could benefit from investigating our conditioning and wounds around our body images and diet.

The wonderful thing about healing parts of your sweet spirit is that you choose when and if you decide to do it. The other wonderful thing, when you heal a big one…like your relationship to food or your body…it releases a lot of other wounds that have hidden behind its curtain. You must be willing to let go of the control, however and fully surrender. This is the simple but difficult part that warrants a whole other conversation:)

In the meantime, try to stop resisting change. Let Life rush into you, let it move you, change you and perfect you. Life is calling you…do you hear Her? She is whispering in your ear in the morning to do something different today and she is whispering to you every time you say “yes” and your soul shouts a solid “no”. She is shouting at you to get out of the relationship where you aren’t valued, to leave the job that only brings resentment and to shut the door on jealousy and envy.

As humans, we are terrified to let our protective fortresses get some cracks and break down. But I promise you, God rebuilds stronger and better…the only thing required is an open heart and courage…so much courage.

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