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to Healing Emotional Eating

What I Discuss with Clients
  • What triggers emotional eating.

  • How stuck emotions can cause one to physically hold onto unwanted weight

  • Pinpoint defining moments that have distorted their relationship with food.

  • The ripple effect of how body image affects health, family, work and their future.

My Coaching Toolbox
  • Brain science to help you understand why you do what you do.

  • Spiritual insight to discover what is blocking your journey to physical and emotional health.

  • Custom guided mediations, journaling exercises and specific mind/body tools that get you out of your head and into a life of clarity and a greater love for yourself and the people around you.

I Work Best with Clients Who Are...
  • Willing to break up with dieting (or any addictive behaviors) for good.

  • Tired at a soul level of living a life that feels smaller than it should be.

  • Spending too much mental energy on trying to lose weight and chasing elusive joy.

My Ideal Clients are Ready To...
  • Be brave enough to look at their inner world.

  • Commit to deep spiritual work and invest in their own well being.

  • Open their hearts to a new way of looking at food and exercise.

This work we do together takes guts.

Ready to get gutsy? Learn more about taking the first step here.


The first step to figuring out if you and I should work together.

In this first appointment, we will:

  • Get clarity around your current relationship with food, your body and dieting, and what you'd like to be different

  • Gain insight into how to get started healing these old patterns, and what you can do about it

  • If I think we are a great ft and you are truly ready to do the work to heal, we'll discuss the possibility of working together and what that looks like

While I normally charge for this time, this session is 100% free for qualified applicants and there is zero obligation or pressure to work with me.
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