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“Julie coached me through one of the most devastating transitions of my life.  She is a mountain of strength, a warm hug and a bright star of hope all rolled into one. She will guide you to hear those whispers from your soul that you never knew were calling out to you.  She will tap into her gift of intuition and open the door for you to see what truly lies deep inside of you. She ultimately introduced me to my true self….who I wouldn’t have known existed had Julie not introduced me to her."


"I have been working with Julie for over two years exploring a desire to live lighter.   I had been weighted down by my childhood and a general lack of self love my entire life.  I didn't see clearly that the lack of self love was the root of my pain until Julie guided me through exercises and meditations.  The most vivid experience was a meditation that showed me that my darkness could be my light if I quit running from it.  I am forever grateful to Julie for her ability to walk me through the experience and guide me to a better understanding of myself.  She welcomes discomfort and unearths joy from hidden places."


"Where do I even begin?  Julie, you and your coaching have changed my life. You have a unique gift of intuition and empathy which has helped me hone my internal clarity and purpose.  Your approach to combine guided journeys to explore and heal my past, with compassionate conversations about the present, has enabled the internal change necessary to create excitement, hope and plans for my future. Forever grateful, thank you!"


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