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Emotions Are More Important Than Calories or Carbs

I’d like to tell you there is a fool-proof way to get to your ideal bodyweight and magically keep it there with little or no effort. But the truth is, there is work ahead. It’s not, however, going to involve hours on a treadmill or restricting your carbs.

As we all know, if getting to your ideal weight was only about calories in and calories out then we’d all be walking around in our healthiest bodies. But the truth is, eating and food are a tool to deal with the pain that has settled deep in your heart. The pain I am referring to doesn’t have to be a large trauma…emotional pain can be boredom, avoidance, fear, anger….and the list carries on.

To root out the primal cause of your dysfunctional relationship with food, one must attend to cleaning up your inside world. When you are healed and clear on the inside, your eating habits and self care align with what you’ve imagined for yourself all along. Your ideal weight and your ideal energy level will be in place and you will be ready to face the world without the heaviness of fear, anxiety or shame.

I always make it clear, I am not a weight-loss coach. There are some fabulous ones out there but I feel like that is a second step in the process. Your first journey has to be taken inward to face your emotional wounds. No amount of sheer will can conquer the power your emotions have over you. If you do have sheer will that can move mountains and you are maintaining a size 2, but you are always thinking about your diet or exercise, then you have created a whole other prison. Both extremes are suffocating and isolating.

Remember before you were told anything about being fat or what skinny was? Or before you knew that ice-cream wasn’t the best thing in the whole wide world? How simple was your relationship with food? How much time was consumed by thinking about what your next meal was going to be or how you were planning to burn off the dessert (or two) you just ate? Remember the freedom? Can you remember when no worth was gained by being 5 pounds skinner? You can have this freedom and find joy in the miracle of food once again.

My biggest wish for you is to be able to trust your body and yourself…for you to release all the burdensome negative body baggage you’ve carried. Feeling this freedom will uncage your heart and soul….so you can live fully in your beautiful body. You will feel clear, connected and so empowered. It’s worth the work for once you feel this freedom, you can’t go back to binging or extreme dieting. This freedom is all yours and it’s waiting for you…you just have to clear the way to feel it.

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