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Waking up with a food hangover feels awful. 

The eat/shame/exercise/obsess cycle is exhausting.

Hiding from the outside world and not showing up in your life is isolating.

Thinking about food all the time and calculating meals that are possibly days away

is a waste of mental energy.

When you aren't attending to the emotional and spiritual side of weight gain,

the calories in calories out construct is moot.

There is a beautiful way to freedom for your mind, heart and body that will

permanently change your relationship with food and exercise.

Book a free session today, so you can begin healing your relationship with food and your body.


I'm not for everyone. I won't prescribe diet or exercise programs. Instead, I use my intuitive gifts to hone in on the root causes of emotional eating or drinking.

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Wheat Field


Heal your mind and spirit.

Transform your body.

End the struggle.

Getting your body to its optimal size shouldn't require restriction, excessive exercise or calorie counting. When you surrender and commit to healing from the inside, your ideal body will emerge!

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